About Estelle

I have a very deep love for Jordan and her people. There is nothing better than to sit under a star studded heaven in the most beautiful desert after having enjoyed an authentic Bedouin supper, sipping a piping hot cup of Bedouin tea around a fire, talking away with newly made friends until the early hours of the morning. 

I have been visiting Jordan since 2016 (3 times a year), and I keep going back. It is the most amazing country and people. I have travelled Jordan from the north all the way to the east, south and west - traversing mountains, deserts, wadis, dirt roads and the like.  In the process i have acquired an intimate knowledge of the country, her people and the culture, and i have built up a network of local support and guides. I am passionate about sharing this diverse country and her people with you. I always leave Jordan a richer person with new friends and beautiful memories, and would love for you to experience the same. Petra Trek Tours offers tours with a difference - you will experience the heart of Jordan and Bedouin hospitality like nowhere else in the world.

Please join me on the most fantastic journeys through this diverse country.